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Vaccination campaigns resumes in Mauritius

Mauritius resumed its vaccination campaign today after a temporary suspension when the country was placed in temporary confinement on 09 March 2021. This measure as well as restrictions to enter the country were announced for until 25 March 2021 to prevent further transmissions Covid-19 after some cases were detected in the community. 
In a press conference yesterday 14 March 2021, Hon. Steven OBEEGADOO, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Housing and Land Use Planning and Minister of Tourism, announced that the vaccination programme was devised by government in collaboration with the private sector. The aim is to continue vaccination while adhering to protocols in place for preventing further transmissions of the virus. Front-liners required to be on duty, including employees from government institutions and some 50 private sector companies will get the jab during the first stage of the campaign.
Fourteen public vaccination centres have been set up around the island for the purpose. A number of private clinics will also be offering vaccination services. 
The Minister added that employers will be responsible to book appointments and organise commutes to vaccination centres in order to avoid large public gatherings. The first batch of front-liners being vaccinated include doctors, nurses, policemen, scavengers, and employees of the retail sector. 
Vaccination of front-liners is expected to be completed by the beginning of April following which the campaign will be extended to the broader population. The Minister said that the objective is to vaccinate more than 60% of the population. This is the threshold recommended by the World Health Organisation for the population to achieve herd immunity. 
Since the campaign started in Mauritius, more than 50,000 persons have been vaccinated. Most of them are employees of the travel and tourism sector as the government has placed a high priority on the prompt restart of tourism which is a pillar of the national economy. 

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