EPCO is based in Mauritius, a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Most of our projects centre around the protection and conservation of Mauritian culture and biodiversity. Here’s a little bit about our beautiful island and diverse culture!




Since its discovery in 1598 by the Dutch, Mauritius has seen colonisation from the French and the British, before gaining independence from the latter on March 12th 1968. During the colonial years, the island was home to many slaves from Asia and Africa until slavery was abolished on the 1st of February 1835 – a day we still celebrate every year. 


Mauritius is home to people from all over the world in a society that preserves African, Indian, Chinese and French ancestral cultures. This makes for an impressive mix of street food and delicacies, which Mauritians are extremely proud of. These features make the island a unique place, and Mauritians are known for their tolerance, warmth and kindness.  

The Gem of the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a small developing island in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2,400 kilometres off the southeastern coast of Africa, with a population of nearly 1.3 million people. Mauritius will enchant you, making you feel like you belong among the chosen few who call the island their home. 

Every encounter is an opportunity to discover a new side of Mauritius, from hiking the lush trail up to the peak of Le Pouce, to the bright sandy beaches and turquoise sea, to the rolling plains of sugar cane and brightly coloured temples. Mauritius is a melting pot where the past and present smoothly blend together, offering an incomparable beauty that will compel you to return to its shores time and time again.