Pam Golding Project

Awareness on pollution by setting up public display figurines made from Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of Chinese Guava Wood in Mauritius

Environmental Exhibition

Environmental pollution has a detrimental effect on ecosystems, and is a proven cause of the deterioration in quality of air, water and soil as well as extinction of wildlife. An increasing amount of litter on the streets of Grand Baie has inspired Pam Golding Properties Mauritius to inspire the community to help look after the popular village environment that is so well loved by locals and tourists alike.

The real-estate agency has partnered with Environmental Protection & Conservation Organisation (EPCO) to produce an exhibition that will drive a better understanding of environmental value among Mauritians as ‘ecological citizens’. With the underlying message to keep the environment clean for future generations, Pam Golding Properties and EPCO came up with an innovative idea to create figurines made from discarded wood trees and alien vegetation such as guava wood. These artworks will be showcased in an Environmental Exhibition at Grand Bay Coeur de Ville from 5-9 June 2019. Afterwards they will be placed at key focal points in the surrounding areas as a constant reminder to the public to keep their environment clean.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe a sculptural figure is worth as much, if not more,” says Richard Haller, director at Pam Golding Properties Mauritius. “Every parent is looking for the best thing for their children when it comes to shelter, clothes, food or education. When it comes to the environment, we should all be conscious of how our actions today may impact our children’s environment tomorrow.”

Guava wood and other discarded wood

The invasive strawberry guava tree (Psidium cattleianum), native to Brazil, is one of several alien species that threatens what is left of the indigenous forests in Mauritius and needs to be removed. Research has shown that invasive alien plants pose a threat to biodiversity, particularly on oceanic islands.

In a 2016 study by Dr. Vincent Florens, researchers assessed woody invasive alien plant abundance in the island’s native forests by sampling five of the best-preserved sites. They chose only protected areas that have benefited from long-term legal protection. All woody alien plants reaching at least a 1cm diameter at breast height (dbh) were identified and their dbh measured in a series of fifteen 100m2 quadrants randomly placed in each forest. Today all sites are dominated by woody invasive alien plants, which comprised 78.5% of the 27 868 sampled plants that matched the criteria.

Density-wise, the alien shade-tolerant strawberry guava dominates all forests sampled. The study showed that although they are relatively diverse, the native plant communities of an oceanic island cannot resist the encroachment of invasive alien plants, even in better-preserved, least-disturbed forests that have been receiving long-term formal protection.

The Pam Golding Properties Mauritius Environmental Exhibition will showcase artistic figurines made from guava wood and discarded wood to emphasise the need for the public to protect their environment.

Other Partners

Grand Bay Coeur de Ville

The project kicked off in 2009, beginning with renovation of a space to be used for a training area, workshop and souvenir shop. After renovation was completed, an incubation centre was created, including the required tools, machinery and sample handicrafts. At this time, the sales outlet was also renovated, creating space to welcome visitors, display items and sell to tourists.

Four trainees from needy backgrounds were recruited and received training at the handicraft centre, set up for this purpose. They learned to manufacture handmade value-added items using various materials including plant fibre and leaves, spices, coconut items, jewellery, fabric, wood, hats and silk.

Odysseus PR

Odysseus PR is a Mauritius-based agency offering creative approaches to public relations, marketing communications, events, social media and branding. They have experience in a variety of sectors including professional services (b2b), science and technology, travel, not for profit, sustainability and environment, health and wellness, fashion, lifestyle and the arts, entertainment and retail, and consumer.

We have chosen this communication method to spread these positive environment slogan or message because visitors will be encouraged to take pictures and therefore can have a wider coverage of our slogans.