The MV Wakashio stranded on the reef of Mauritius in the South Eastern region

Mauritius was struck by a recent oil-spill ecological disaster which erupted from the MV Wakashio ship which got stranded on our reef in the South East of Mauritius. The ship became grounded on 25 July 2020 and heavy oil started leaking out on 6 August 2020. On 15 August 2020, the ship broke into two pieces and nearly 800 tonnes of heavy oil managed to escape in our pristine and blue lagoon. The result is catastrophic and will be felt on the long term.

Crude oil leaking from the MV Wakashio

In this regards, Environmental Protection and Conservation Protection (EPCO), a local Environmental NGO in Mauritius, needs your help to support our post-disaster management project by helping us to raise enough fund on the following platform:

Volunteers helping to clean up the beaches of Mauritius

The oil-spill has affected around 13 coastal villages where the inhabitants depend mainly on the sea for their survival. This project will help the fishermen community and sea users to overcome this difficult times by reinforcing their capacity to develop alternative livelihoods such as small scale aquaculture, small-scale community-based sustainable agriculture, apiculture, agroforestry and animal husbandry for local consumption so as to sustain themselves in those hard times. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please share the maximum in your respective network.