Internship Reviews

This section is dedicated to our previous interns to share with us their experience with Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO).

I came to intern at EPCO having recently graduated university and it has been an enriching and insightful experience. Throughout this internship, I had the chance to learn about many of the environmental challenges facing Mauritius and see first hand the excellent work EPCO does to counteract the negative effects of climate change. Work varied between working in the office and learning new transferable skills as well as being out on the field and meeting with beneficiaries of the projects. I had the unique opportunity to attend events relating to environmental issues which provided me with excellent insight into the field. The insight and knowledge gained during this internship is something that I can apply to all future endeavours. Being part of the EPCO team has been exciting, interesting and been very rewarding to be part of an NGO that truly has a positive societal impact in Mauritius.

Saoirse Mai

Graduate, 2023

My 2.5-month internship at EPCO contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth. During this time, I helped implement different projects on different parts of the island, and updated the website and social media, among other things. Working in a smaller NGO gives you a great opportunity to see how each part of the organisation works and has an influence on the tasks you perform on the job. Doing an internship at EPCO gave me valuable experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life!


Student, 2023

My internship at EPCO provided me with valuable insights and experiences which will benefit me in the future. During my time at EPCO I got the opportunity to help with different projects concerning commonwealth, sustainable seaweed farming, as well as a project aimed at empowering and employing marginalized women. Aside from this, I also updated the social media platforms and the website. Overall, the internship was a great opportunity that I will definitely remember in a positive light!



I spent two and a half months (from May-July) at EPCO as part of my first year of a Masters in Agronomy in France. I felt very welcomed at the organisation by Daksh and his team, and I was able to take part in various projects during my stay. The projects included making fishing villages more resilient in the face of global warming, and raising awareness among the local population, particularly women, about recycling and energy saving. Above all, I learnt a lot of life skills during this placement, which helped me adopt to the local context, interact with people and work as part of a team with the other trainees and members of the organisation. I really enjoyed my time in Mauritius and i’m looking forward to working with them.


Student, 2023

I joined the organisation for 2 months as part of my first year of business school. I was able to discuss and participate in several projects within the organisation. From a more personal point of view, I discovered a beautiful island full of history and diversity. I also got to know some great people and I grew a lot from that experience.


Student, 2023

I spent very good moments at EPCO during 3 months of internship. I came from Belgium and the members of EPCO have warmly welcomed me and integrated in the team. I participated in different projects concerning alternative livelihoods and adaptation to climate change along the south-east coast of Mauritius. The NGO is highly professionnal and offers internship programs based on personal fields of activity.


Student, 2022