GNDR Coordination Meeting

Initially scheduled in March 2021, due to Covid-19, EPCO postponed this first National Coordination Meeting to 2022. The workshop took place at The Educator Room, Voila Bagatelle Hotel on April, 18th 2022. Some representatives of varied major fields in Mauritius (representatives of District Council, Ministry, Municipal Council, City Council, etc.) were present to attend this workshop.

Our main objectives were to introduce the goals and objectives of GNDR and create a collaboration between all representatives and citizens through the GNDR Community Platform. The afternoon was dedicated to this idea of synergy and thinking in small groups how we can improve the reduction of Disaster Risks especially in Mauritian context which is facing now the increase of flash floods.

Journalists from MBC interviewed the Project Leader of EPCO, Mr Daksh Beeharry Panray, and then two reportages were broadcasted on MBC channel (the first one is in French and the second in Kreol Morisien) to sum up this day.  Here are the links: